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As well as publishing well-written papers, the journal aims to provide an outlet for new research developments, including work that does not yet conform to the existing academic standards, and to give the author the opportunity to present their research in a new environment, encouraging them to reach out to potential new readers. Many research labs work in the field of science. They use scientific methods to carry out experiments to answer specific questions and their results are presented in a scientific report. The process of presenting, discussing and publishing research takes place in the science community, and the Journal Microbiology Spectrum aims to provide an outlet for this type of research in the form of an academic journal. The objectives of the Journal Microbiology Spectrum are: to provide a medium for the presentation of new results and interpretations within the field of microbial science, to provide an open access journal for basic, applied and clinical microbial sciences, to promote collaboration in scientific research and to encourage the presentation of work between individual researchers and institutions. The Journal Microbiology Spectrum will have a distinguished Editorial Board comprised of experts in the field of microbial sciences, from the UK and internationally. As well as publishing research, the journal will aim to provide a platform for the education of the next generation of scientists. By encouraging the submission of research from students and early career researchers, the Journal Microbiology Spectrum hopes to bring these people into contact with established scientists and the editorial boards of other journals and provide them with a support network. Microbial Biology: Genetics and Genomics This subject focuses on the microbial genomics, including strain, species, genus, class, etc., and aims to help to identify genes and functions and to understand mechanisms of microorganism pathogenicity and host/pathogen interactions. The aim is to determine how microorganism can be used in the therapy and treatment of human diseases and for testing and evaluation of drugs. All areas of microbial biology can be covered within this subject. For example, microorganisms in the discovery of new drugs and new ways of inhibiting or eradicating infectious diseases (antimicrobial therapy); the development of new and better ways to reduce, eliminate or prevent microbial infections, for example, vaccines and the development of new vaccines; hosts and pathogenic microbes and their interactions; transmission of infectious agents, epidemiology and pathogenicity; the role of microbes in diseases of plants, animals and human health; the molecular mechanisms and



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HD Online Player (LS-Land-Issue-LS-Magazine-LS-Models-)
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