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The newest Slayer Master Konar comes with its own specific rewards fall list. Whenever players take to RuneScape Gold a slayer task delegated by Konar, every kill got has a chance of hitting the global fall table, but also Konar's own fall table. The opportunity of hitting Konar's drop table depends upon the combat level of the NP that the player is fighting. The loot you get out of Konar drops is given in addition to the loot in the global table. Konar drops may consist of everything from generic loot such as food to keep them in battle, to infrequent drops such as the Dragon Hasta.

After the long wait, Old School Runescape Mobile has been published. Players may eventually take the OSRS nostalgia on the move. If you are interested in attempting this mobile workout and getting yourself an OSRS account, here are eight things that you need to know about it. But before that, have a look at the setup prerequisites. As with other MMOs, Runescape received numerous changes during the years. However, that wasn't on board and preferred the way the game looked and worked in 2007. To determine if the developers will produce a version that retains the match's 2007 mechanics and aesthetics, a poll in the match official forums has been held.

There has been a very long time between the launch of OSRS and OSRS Mobile. Within those gap years, some players, being the smart and tech-savvy people that they are, managed to Buy OSRS Gold find a way to play OSRS match on the telephone. Obviously, this doesn't have support from Jagex, but it is still pretty cool that you can take your Gielinor adventures with you.

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